You’re Gone

© Daria «Biatlonistka»

Перевод на английский язык стихотворения «Ты ушла», выполненный Дарьей «Biatlonistka» примерно в 2002 году.

This is a translation of the russian poem titled «Ты ушла» («You're Gone»). The poem is written by me and the translation is made by Daria «Biatlonistka» in about 2002.

Look into my eyes, honey.
What do you see?
You see love... Yes, I love you, my little girl.
I used to live just for you.
I never cared for all those people out there.
Nothing even mattered for me — just you, your eyes, your lips, your love.
And they never cared for us.
Funny how we got stuck in such a situation — we seemed to be alone in the world, although we were surrounded by crowds and crowds of people.
And I lived only to love you.
So what am I to do now?
Am I to kiss you good-bye and leave?
Leave you lying on the bed?
You’ve died...
You’ve forsaken me.
You’ve left me here, choosing a better place.
A different world.
And I will follow you — but a little later.
I don’t care for all those people, as well as their morals and law.
I don’t care what they think or say about it.
I just want to love you, my little girl...
One last time...
Like we used to...
I want to embrace you, kiss you, caress you...
I want to completely dissolve in you.
Kiss me, my princess.
My wonderful little girl!
You are lying naked in a pool of blood.
You are beautiful, pale and sad.
Yes... oh, yes... my sweetness...
You’ve left me... I’m lonely now, but it doesn’t matter — soon I’ll join you in your better world.
I feel so overwhelmed...
I softly touch your cold hand with my lips.
You will stay in my heart forever, my sweet little girl.
I sit remembering how we dreamed of a long and happy life, filled with love and happiness.
Well, maybe it’s even better this way.
We never knew love wasn’t for ever.
But it’s better like this.
You can’t cheat on me now.
Neither can I.
We will love each other till the end of time, my sweet little girl!
Aren’t you happy?
We truly belong to each other now.
And I’m sure I made the right thing.
Killing you — well, why should I speak about it like this?
It wasn’t a murder.
Of course it was no murder! How could I even think of killing my only beloved little girl?
I just wanted to be sure you’d be mine for ever.
Till the end of time.
Just wait for me a little, my sweetness.
I’ll be with you quite soon.
You won’t even notice me putting my arms around you again.
As if we never parted.
And you will belong to me.
Till the end of time.